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How a Copper88™ Elbow Sleeve helped a serious case of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a common condition known medically as a Lateral Epicondylitis. Aside from playing tennis, it can occur with any overuse of the tendons and muscles of the forearm and most often occurs after a particularly strenuous overuse of the tendons and muscles in your forearm. Because these are connected to the elbow joint, the pain is often located within the elbow joint.

Discomfort is felt when lifting or bending your arm, on the outside of your upper arm, below the bend of your elbow when you are gripping small objects eg a pen, when you twist your forearm, opening a jar or turning a door handle etc.

Copper88 user Harry had played racquet sports at a decent level for many years without ever suffering from the dreaded tennis elbow. Then in his mid forties, Harry had played a mens doubles match at his local club and that evening felt soreness in the right elbow.

“I put it down to a strain and expected a couple of paracetamol to do their job. I slept ok but in the morning I was in agony. Any movement of the arm or hand felt like needles being stuck in it and I realised that it was more than a strain”.

As a self employed plumber, Harry went to work as usual but couldn’t do anything that involved his right arm that day.

“It even hurt using my fingers to use the mobile phone” recalls Harry, who went to see his GP and was duly diagnosed with inflammation of the tendons – tennis elbow!”.

“I was pretty devastated because aside from my sport, I wasn’t able to work for a while and when I did return I was basically unable to use my right arm too much which is a serious handicap for a plumber!”.

“Over the next few months I had ultrasound, courses of anti inflammatories and tried various elbow straps, but to be honest nothing seemed to be helping much. When someone suggested I should look at a copper88 elbow compression sleeve I was at the stage where I’d try anything, but didn’t have high hopes of recovery if I’m honest.”

But within a couple of weeks there were signs of real improvement and shortly after that the pain had receded to the extend were Harry could work without hinderance again.

“I left it a while before I picked up my tennis racquet and even now I am careful not to aggravate things if I feel a twinge. But I wear my Copper88 elbow sleeve all day every day because I believe the copper content is what made the difference. Its like a second skin and dead comfortable – I’d recommend it to anyone”

Copper88 elbow sleeves combine moderate compression and the remedial properties of copper to improve the circulation of oxygenated blood to the areas that need it most, assisting recovery for sore muscles and joints.