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How a Copper88 Knee Sleeve Helped Ease Knee Pains

The knee joint is particularly vulnerable to damage and pain because it takes the full weight of your body and any extra force when you run or jump. You’re more likely to experience knee pain as you get older, and people who are overweight or do lots of sports have a higher risk of damaging their knees. Some sports that involve a lot of turning, such as football, tennis, netball, and skiing, carry a particularly high risk of knee injuries.

Peter had played competitive soccer in local leagues until knee pain in his late 30‘s meant that he couldn’t continue. He was also a keen skier.

“I’d had a good run at football I guess, but I was now at the stage where my knee was stopping me from enjoying playing and affecting other things too – so I hung my boots up!’

“I carried on with 5 a side with my mates but even that was becoming difficult. Skiing was ok but I had to be careful”

“My left knee was regularly swollen and having had the cartilages removed many years earlier my doctor had advise that there wasn’t much to be done, and because of the lack of cartilage there was a bone on bone issue and the likely onset of arthritis.”

“I had tried wearing different knee supports but they just caused swelling and more discomfort, and the knee was affecting my sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable”

Because sufferers of knee pain subconsciously start compensating by moving differently, other muscle groups can start to be adversely affected – the calf, the achilles tendon etc – and Peter was finding that the left hamstring was now starting to tighten

Like many, Peter was introduced to Copper88 but doubted that the knee sleeve make any difference.

“I wore it because I had nothing to lose. I didn’t want a knee replacement in my early 40’s but felt that my mobility was becoming more and more compromised, so I gave it a try”

“What was noticeable was that the Copper88 knee sleeve was genuinely comfortable to wear and stayed dry (unlike neoprene). My knee didn’t seem to swell up and after a while I started to feel more comfortable than I had for ages. I wore it in bed and that definitely helped. I don’t know how much of it is medical and how much is psychological, but I don’t really care either way!”

Peter will always have knee issues, but Copper88‘s moderate compression combined with the effect of the embedded copper fibres has provided him with a degree of relief that other knee sleeves failed to do.

And because the fabric has very fast wicking properties it stays dryer and tends not to wrinkle or ride in use making it ideal for all day wear.