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How Copper88 calf sleeves helped a marathon runner’s calf strain

A calf strain is a tear of the muscle fibres of the muscles at the back of the lower leg and can range from mild to very severe. Calf injuries usually occur as a result of a sudden pushing off movement or from excessive over-stretching of the calf muscles as demonstrated in jumping activities or during quick changes of direction.

Anna was in training ahead of the Brighton Marathon last year and feeling pretty good about things when disaster struck:

“I was about 6 weeks out from Brighton when I went to a training night at my running club. We set off on a fairly routine 15k evening run but felt a stiffness in her left calf muscle.”

“I put to down to a bit of cramping at first, which is something that has happened to me in the past. Usually you can stretch out and run it off but this felt different and after a couple of kms it was definitely still there. In hindsight I should have stopped there and then but I carried on for a while until it became so tight that I couldn’t continue”

Anna had picked up a calf strain, which depending upon the severity of the damage can take weeks to recover.

“I was pretty devastated as we were entering the team event and I had my own personal target time to achieve too. It’s my favourite event of the year so to get an injury so close to the race wasn’t ideal!”

However, redemption was on hand. Another club member had recently invested in Copper88 compression shorts whilst looking for relief from sore hamstrings, and recommended that Anna take a look at the calf sleeves.

“I am a bit of fan of homeopathic medicines anyway and know a bit about how copper is good for the body. So the idea of a copper embedded compression sleeve hit a chord with me and I bought one online.”

“The guys at Copper88 made a point of telling me to wear it all day long, not just when I was training or competing in order to get the most out of the combination of compression and the copper content It’s pretty lightweight an comfortable to wear under a pair of jeans so that wasn’t a problem”

Anna found that she could return to some light training within 2 weeks and was back in full swing shortly after that.

“I lost a couple of weeks but got to Brighton feeling pretty good and surprised myself by running a PB. There is no way that would have happened if I hadn’t have recovered so quickly from the calf strain, so I owe a big vote of thanks to Copper88 for sure”