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The aim of Copper88 compression wear is to keep the UK going. Remember the copper bracelet your granddad swore kept him healthy? It probably did. The embedded copper in all Copper88 tops, bottoms, sleeves, and travel wear speeds up muscle recovery whether your injury is sports related or just general wear and tear. Copper88 speeds up good old fashioned muscle recovery after exercise as well - by combining the properties of copper with compression to ease sore joints and muscles.

Copper88 is ideal for helping recovery from:

Hamstring Injuries
Calf Strains
Knee Pains
Ankle Sprains
Tennis Elbow
Repetitive Strain injuries (RSI) in the wrists and fingers
Shoulder Pain

The copper content in Copper88 gear assists the transportation of oxygen through the bloodstream. Coupled with compression, which increases the flow of blood through the affected area, Copper88 has a two pronged attack on injuries and aids recovery.